Tula is driven by an overriding passion to increase efficiency and improve the environment

With more than 340 patents (issued and pending) and representing a combined 450 years of applied engineering, we’re focused on developing applications for passenger automobiles, commercial vehicles – both on and off road – and electric vehicles of any size.

Passenger Cars

Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®) delivers efficiency gains of 5-15%

Electric Vehicles & Machinery

Dynamic Motor Drive (DMDTM) mitigates losses to increase range while significantly reducing reliance on rare-earth materials

Commercial Vehicles

Diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSFTM) reduces NOx by 74% and CO2 by 5% on the Low-Load Cycle

Our award-winning, patented technologies offer efficiency gains and reduced emissions at a lower cost

Patents Issued
Patents Pending

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Vehicles on the Road Use Tula
In-Use Annual Savings per Vehicle
Up to 1 ton of CO2
Up to 100 kgs of CO2
Up to 11 tons of NOx and CO2

The Faces of Innovation

The people behind Tula’s innovative control solutions are passionate about their work, have a deep sense of pride in their products and are committed to improving the environment through reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

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Tula has developed one of the essential technologies for reaching fuel efficiency mandates. Learn more about Tula and our dedication to a cleaner Earth.

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