Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®) uses proprietary control algorithms to increase propulsion efficiency for IC engines

Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF) suite of technologies pairs unique digital signal processing algorithms with sophisticated powertrain controls to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions from internal combustion engines. Because DSF is applicable to gasoline, diesel, and alternative fuel engines, and works synergistically with hybrid powertrain technologies, Tula’s DSF will be key to transportation’s future propulsion solutions.

No other fuel efficiency and emissions solution offers greater gains at a lower cost.

Dynamic Motor Drive (DMD) addresses electric motor efficiency and powertrain costs

Tula is also applying similar control strategies to electric motors. Named DMDTM for Dynamic Motor Drive, it maintains motor operation near peak efficiency at all motor speed and torque output levels, reducing battery capacity requirements and motor costs without reducing motor torque output.

Technology Suite

Click to learn more about each of our unique technologies. Tula leverages advanced engine technologies synergistically to provide a superior cost-benefit ratio. There’s a Tula solution to complement major new automotive trends to achieve greater efficiency at a lower cost per % improvement.

Hybrid electrification

Tula is helping global OEMs create cleaner, more efficient engines:

Up to
fuel consumption
Up to
of CO2 saved annually
per passenger vehicle
Up to
of CO2 + NOx saved annually
per heavy duty diesel engines
Up to
NOx reduction for heavy
duty diesel engines

Market Imperative

Vehicle Fleet graph

The mix of gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicle production is certainly changing. And Tula is ready, with dynamic solutions for all engine and powertrain options.

Tula is partnering with vehicle makers to improve traditional engine technologies while supporting emerging powertrain technologies, creating engines, motors and powertrains requiring less fuel, producing fewer emissions, and operating more efficiently to meet evolving regulatory requirements and OEM vehicle solutions.

Dynamic efficiency starts with Tula.

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