Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®) uses proprietary control algorithms to help make engines smarter

By continuously controlling each cylinder’s deactivation, engines can deliver requested torque with optimal combustion efficiency, decreasing fuel consumption by 7-15%. And because DSF also works synergistically with next generation powertrain technologies, Tula and DSF will continue to support automakers as they develop and introduce new engine innovations to meet global fuel efficiency mandates.

No other fuel efficiency solution offers greater gains at a lower cost.

How Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF) works

Tula’s DSF technology modulates power output by dynamically deciding to fire or skip each cylinder immediately prior to firing.

DSF software and engine control algorithms create optimal engine and fuel efficiency by firing only the amount of cylinders needed to match the driver’s request for torque. Because each firing is made at its peak power and combustion efficiency, DSF minimizes fuel use and reduces CO2.

Tula’s proprietary firing decision and control algorithms also avoid generating noise and vibration (N&V) to give drivers the expected levels of refinement under all driving conditions.

Tula Technology - How it Works

Technology Suite

Click to learn more about each of our unique technologies. DSF leverages other advanced engine technologies synergistically to provide an even better cost-benefit ratio. There’s a DSF solution to complement major new automotive trends to yield even greater fuel efficiency at a lower cost per % improvement.

Tula Technology

Tula’s technology is helping global automakers create cleaner engines:

Global OEM programs
and counting
Fuel consumption reduction
Average CO2 saved annually per vehicle

Market Opportunity

Vehicle Fleet through 2050 by Powertrain

Vehicle Fleet graph

Even the most aggressive electrification forecast from Morgan Stanley, International Energy Agency, Goldman Sachs, Bloomberg, and Tula’s own research shows the internal combustion vehicle fleet in 2050 at close to a billion vehicles.

We’re committed to making IC engines as efficient as possible. DSF works synergistically with major pathways, including electrification, autonomous and advanced combustion technologies.

Smarter fuel efficiency starts with Tula.

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