Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®), an innovative pairing of digital signal processing and sophisticated powertrain controls, is enabling the removal of 1 ton of CO2 per vehicle per year and boosting MPG by 7-15%.

Our industry partners include Delphi Technologies and GM. Tula’s DSF technology has been recognized by the International Council of Clean Transportation (ICCT) as being one of the technologies that are essential for helping global automakers meet fuel efficiency mandates.

Tula is headquartered in Silicon Valley, CA, and has an office in Plymouth, MI.


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Congratulations to General Motors for their new Chevrolet Silverado! GM revealed a completely redesigned 2019 Silverado, which includes Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) engine technology based on Tula’s Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®).

Delphi Technologies and Tula have collaborated to create 4 cylinder demonstration vehicles for customer evaluation, with optimized Delphi engine management systems and Tula’s DSF and eDSF controls.