The Shift to Electrification Comes At a Cost

90% of EV motors use problematic rare-earth (RE) magnets which brings:

Environmental Damage

Extracting and processing RE metals causes environmental damage.

Price Volatility

Price of permanent magnet REs have doubled over a year and continue to climb.

Supply Insecurity

Over $2 Billion RE elements (REE) demand will go unmet in 2030.

But It Doesn’t Have to Be This Way

Tula's Award Winning Software Makes Problematic Rare Earth Metals Obsolete

Software-based Dynamic Motor Drive technology extends battery range in EVs at a lower cost. DMD won the 2022 PACEpilot Innovations to Watch award out of 23 well known and respected finalists.

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Where There’s a Motor, DMD Can Improve It

Wind Generation

Improve efficiency by up to 5% in the fast growing $75B wind turbine industry.

Industrial Applications

Replace with software driven efficient synchronous reluctance motors.

Climate Control

Improve efficiencies of fans and compressors through software.

Exceptional Team Makes Global Impact

Issued Patents
Pending Patents
Expertise to Build Fully Functional Demonstration Vehicles With Our Technologies
DMD Issued and Pending Patents
State of the Art Research and Development
Worldwide Footprint

Diverse Staff with Multi-disciplinary expertise

Combined Years of Applied Engineering
Controls, Digital Signal Processing, software, hardware, simulation, power electronics, battery tech, motor design and development.
One-team Execution

Our collaboration with General Motors delivered technology to 2M+ vehicles on the road

Beyond EV Efficiency

Proven Success at Scale with IC Engines & Commercial Vehicles.

For Passenger Cars

Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®) delivers efficiency gains of 5-15%

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For Commercial Vehicles

Diesel Dynamic Skip Fire (dDSFTM) reduces NOX by 74% and CO2 by 5%

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Dynamic efficiency starts with Tula

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