HYBRID++ & Electric Dynamic Skip Fire

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How Hybrid++ works

HYBRID++ is a simplified, patented all-cylinder deactivation controls technology, that is applicable to P0 or P1 Mild Hybrid Vehicles to achieve synergistic fuel efficiency gains and significant toxic emissions reductions.

HYBRID++ in real world situations

Torque Assist
Merging On to the Freeway

All cylinders fire during highway merging and the hybrid motor provides torque assist.

Low Torque Urban Driving

During low-speed cruise, the electric motor can propel the vehicle with all cylinders deactivated

Low Torque Pedal Off

Lifting off the accelerator pedal causes all cylinders to deactivate and enables more recuperation. No air pumped into the exhaust.

Hybrid++ eliminates pumping losses during coast and overrun conditions. Because air doesn’t get pumped into the exhaust during deactivation, Hybrid++ also significantly reduces the harmful emissions that otherwise come from purging the catalyst

CO2 reduction
35% lower HC and CH4 emissions
Up to 83% lower ammonia emissions
50% lower NOx and CO emissions

Tula’s research findings on Dynamic Skip Fire
for Hybrid Powertrains

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DSF and 48V mild-hybrid synergies enable better fuel economy at lower cost

How eDSF works

eDSF synergystically combines cylinder deactivation with vehicle electrification to increase the operating range of DSF. By countering engine torque with motor torque at appropriate fires and skips, eDSF enables smoother operation and expansion of the DSF fly zone.

eDSF in real world situations

Highway Cruise

During highway cruising, the motor torque supplements the engine enabling it to fire on fewer cylinders

Torque Smoothing

At low to medium loads, the expanded operating range due to torque smoothing and torque assist enables smooth and efficient eDSF operation.

Increased Regeneration

Enhanced Energy Recovery: eDSF shuts off all cylinders (called DCCO for Deceleration Cut Off) allowing hybrid systems to fully capture kinetic energy through regeneration without engine braking loss.

Electrification enables smoother torque

eDSF uses the existing hybrid motor to smooth torque pulses of skip fire operation

DSF operating range is increased

Electric motor torque smoothing and torque assist extend the range of useful firing densities.

Increased Operating Range (eDSF) Normal Operating Range (DSF)

The combination of torque assist into DSF, increased regeneration and torque smoothing enables eDSF to deliver gains beyond what DSF and mild-hybrid could individually provide. eDSF is truly a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Up to 10% CO2 reduction
Increased regeneration braking
Longer and stronger electric motor torque assist

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