Forward-thinking automakers and automotive suppliers know how critical it is to secure greater efficiency

Meeting global mandates will require implementing advanced powertrain technologies — including combining DSF controls with hybrid electric powertrains.

No other fuel efficiency solution offers greater gains at a lower cost

The synergies between eDSF and 48V mild-hybrid dramatically boost fuel efficiency while lowering costs per percent improvement.


What is eDSF?

eDSF couples DSF with vehicle electrification to increase the operating range of DSF.

Key solution components include:

  • 48V+ hybrid vehicle architecture with an integrated belt starter generator
  • High response inverter: Synchronizes e-motor with cylinder firing in Skip Fire Operation
  • DSF Valvetrain: Individual cylinder deactivation capability
  • Engine controller with eDSF: Tula’s proprietary SW synchronizes DSF and the hybrid system for smooth, efficient operation and fuel economy gains

How does DSF work in tandem with Electrification?

eDSF Torque

Torque Pulse Smoothing

eDSF uses the existing hybrid motor to smooth torque pulses of skip fire operation, extending
the range of useful firing densities and reducing vibration.

Torque Assist

The e-motor assists the IC engine in supplying torque during hybrid operation, enabling the most efficient eDSF firing densities.

Full DCCO Regeneration

(DCCO = Deceleration Cylinder Cut-Off)
During deceleration, eDSF shuts off all cylinders, allowing the hybrid system to fully capture kinetic energy through regeneration without engine braking losses.

Tula’s eDSF offers auto manufacturers a high value improvement over 48V Mild Hybrid powertrains

The Synergistic Advantages of eDSF Plus 48V Mild Hybrid

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